• Arjun Tiwari

Businesses running on digital or digital running the businesses

There was a time when the world was going gaga over the changing trends such as online marketing ,e commerce ,electronic pay. within no time the market is witnessing a drastic change in the patterns and now instead of an advantage digital became the compulsion for traders to stay relevant in market.

Here are 3 reasons giving testimony for the same-

1-Buying patterns-Whether it is physical or non physical in both categories consumer is looking for access from the comfort of homes ,with the big players in market such as Amazon, Flip cart it has became a compulsion to provide the same kind of home delivery.

2-Consumer -seller relationship-Now a days most of the consumers have there reservation for brands and unless something below the average pricing or amazingly discounted offer arrives ,there selection of brands remained same. In short this is one of the most significant change happened as a outcome of digital age that consumers are having a direct relationship with brand instead of retailer or showroom owner.

3-Brodening Reach-with each passing day someone or other geek inspired though the digital age is looking to fill the gap and that's how digital did not remain advantage anymore rather than it has became the necessity.

Conclusion-Time has long gone when going digital was something which uses to excite your consumer base rather adapting new changes in digital is the need of hour.

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