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Swallow's Wings

Swallows Wing’s

Love first turns you inwards but once it touches the highest branch it sets you free, the whole of nature and universe seems the manifestation of love, and the universe got personified into your beloved, Beyond the boundaries of physical and emotional stretch. All, it leaves you with a feeling of completeness within.

Somewhere in a deserted land in southern Europe and in the time when Greece used to be as chilled as Siberia a couple of swallow birds decided to stay back and got purposefully separated from its flock.

The couple was happy, sucking the joy of love in the company of each other as they are truly the Starsk

y & Hutch or chip & Dale and Eenie & penny. Amid epic moments, one odd afternoon female swallow bird listens to the uttering of old orthodox trees murmuring about the storm and fear of female swallow came to be true.

Those orthodox trees brought the storm and the aftermath of the storm was such that the female swallow lost her wings. She kept screaming to her beloved that promise me that u will find my wings, pointing towards the mystic lands of the east. While taking her last breaths female swallow reminded male swallow that their eternity of affection will remain missing without him finding her wings. Male swallow, a lone bird kept mourning in the memories of her beloved and decided to do the journey towards east, Flown for months finally male swallow reaches in the mystic lands of east surpassing the great deserts, mountains, and oceans. Standing on the old banyan tree now male swallow got no clue where to go.

Male swallow with heavy-heart screamed towards sky! did anyone know where are the wings of my beloved, anyone! alas, a grey-haired and wrinkles in his skin an old man, covered his body with only one cloth said; hey you little bird I know what u are looking for let’s fly over me, only I can understand your pain, let's find what you are looking for. It’s there where the worst man of this world is sleeping, both turned towards the end of the street and disappeared, while the sun was setting over the street with its dusky light all over the sky, reached the abandoned cemetery where male swallow finds the wings of its beloved on the grave which was covered with nothing but dry leaves and gravestones reads worst man of the society met with justified fate. Swallow asked who are you old man and how you knew that my beloved wings will be here, I am the father of this worst boy sleeping under the dust and leaves, the old man replied This graveyard is full of sinners. swallow looked around and dies in grief while the old man kept telling the story with eyes full of tears and a heart full of compassion.

Persecuting the young boys and girls is not going to bring any honor to any person's family or community.

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