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Find your moment of truth

Find your moment of truth, actor Gaurav Dwivedi and his thoughts on acting

“Acting is an everlasting search for truth,” Lawrence Olivier said

Actor Gaurav Dwivedi echoes that an actor always seeks that moment of truth and that's what drives him/her to dive into different characters.

performance oriented actor won the hearts of fans and the appreciation of critics which is rare in an Indian context, in a conversation with spaces, Actor discussed how he pitches a character and how he sees this unique craft.

In his journey as an actor, he showcased great performances in web series like criminal justice,Made in heaven and the critically acclaimed film Manjhi The Mountain Man

As a person who lives in the moment but is always grateful for his past, he narrates how this journey started from getting enrolled in Prestigious FTII and from there onwards no looking back, He specifically mentioned that each character requires a different approach and in his words "kaccha maal jeevan aur adhyan se jutana padta hai"

Each character is a hero in his story

When he was asked to shed some light on how to prepare for a negative character, he described that as a human we all have that grey shade that we need to surface while preparing for a negative character. He described that for an actor each character is positive from his perspective and that is true to that moment in which he lives on screen.

It’s the narrative that showcases one character as positive and another as negative while just like in our daily life no negative person considers himself as bad or negative and everyone got own justifications for actions, he/she performs.

Any Favourite character?

While it is always tough for an actor to call specific role or character as his favorite but responding to this cliché question vetron said that a character name Gora is one of his favorite ones which he did for the Doordarshan tele series inspired by the writings of Rabindranath Tagore.

A dilemma which all the film students and aspiring actors face that what sort of content we should opt for while options are less for actors, he explained that characters which fulfill your creative need should be given preferences irrespective of medium whether it's TV, cinema or Ott.

The actor is part of several upcoming web series and films, we wish him a great journey ahead, keep bringing great performances. An actor find his monent of truth in that juncture where reality and acting seems to merge.

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