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"You want a lift or you want to take stairs"

During a very friendly conversation with dancer, actress, model, and traveller Meera Joshi revealed how she was asked for favors to get roles and that adds another story behind the unethical approach and mafia running behind the doors, but let’s not discuss too much about what is already in public.

Let us take you on an inspirational journey of an artist with no privileges and without a godfather and we called it


Starting with her journey from dance and performing in some of the biggest reality dance shows like dance India dance and eventually making big on Ott releases like Indore Ishq, but the journey was not as smooth as it seems

While the conversation, Meera continuously told how her family and especially her mother were a constant support throughout her journey. How she paved her path, one after another but the interesting part was, from the beginning itself she was clear that she would not give up on the principles and ethics she received while growing up in a humble Marathi family in Ratnagiri.

Meera’s story is not a typical struggle story instead I observed there was a brightness and excitement in her eyes that she never took obstacles as a struggle and cherished whatever came in her way. One step at a time and these eventually became the staircase she opted for, hard work, passion, practice, patience, and persistence were the steps she followed, and no matter how cliche it sounds following them is never easy.

cutting long story short after coming to Pune to pursue her dreams and to learn German language simultaneously Meera kept on grooming herself in different art forms like acting and modelling and in the year 2010 she took that big step of moving to Mumbai a city which is full of uncertainity and special thing about this journey that she learned things on her own without too much of formal training other than dance forms.

Adding on to this journey she did something which will blow your mind especially if you are not a mountain and hiking person

Made it to the; High Range Book of World Record; as she was

1st actress to perform in front of Tunganth Temple (one of the world,s highest

shiva temples)

so, it seems like Meera is on an adventure ride and her life is just a reflection of that

“I still do not feel settled and need to send so many audition links to get new work”

Statement coming from an artist who proved herself again and again with a body of work which can make someone think when did she get time to prep and perform in these many tv series, films, short films, print shoots, and even choreographed to some of the big names in industry and point is if she still works hard that’s because of her ethical choices she made and that’s the most empowering part in her journey.

How real reality shows are? I asked!

Meera revealed a very funny story which we decided to keep off-record but the way she smiled was conclusive enough

Are you happy where you are or do you want to reach somewhere?

And she spontaneously replied!
"our success does not comprise in just what we achieved or how far we came but the way we carved our path and real success is what you feel end of the each day on your sleeping bed and if you still feel the same excitement to get up, workout and make it what you truly believe and your potential is than you are succesful without worrying about reaching somwehere as its a journey not a destination."
"When you get success work hard when you fail work harder"
and that sums up her spirit and philosophy

Spaces will keep on bringing unexplored stories and We as a team would like to congratulate Meera to take us through her life journey which does not seems like a fairy tale but is indeed original and genuine in the true sense which can inspire anyone irrespective of field or profession and this is HOW MEERA MADE IT!

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